Monday, May 2, 2011

The Cincinnatus Oath (like a Hypocratic Oath for Politicians)

I promise to seek limited power and, like George Washington the American Cincinnatus, give power up when it seems others invest too much in me,

I promise to put general interest over special interest.

I promise to put what's best for all over what's best for my career.

I promise to risk my political status for what I think is right and best.

I promise to always keep in mind that there are multiple perspectives on every issue.

I promise to respect and honor what others believe, even if it differs from my own view.

I promise to engage in debate and compromise rather than dismissal and refusal.

I promise to always check my own opinions by consulting those of others, especially those with expertise or directly affected by the issue.

I promise to make all my decisions reversible.

I promise to honestly consider reversing my position when presented with good reasons.

I promise to pray about, meditate about, and/or deeply contemplate my decisions.

I promise to think 20 years in the future, within the limits of today.

I promise to love others, as every religion and spirituality requires.

I promise to forgive, whenever possible.

I promise to build and grow, whenever possible.

I promise to educate and cultivate, whenever possible.

I promise to stay engaged, stay informed, never quit, and always hope.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

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